What is Kabbalistic Coaching?

Kabbalistic coaching is a method of internal search and clarification, which guides us on how to manage the different aspects and values and of our desires.

Kabbalah is applied as a source of a methodology based on cause and effect in the light of an independent present. Progressively, the coaching opens the path to follow to achieve our purposes and goals.
The general objective of this coaching is to be able to solve all challenges and questions of our present while living each day with satisfaction and tranquility.

What is Kabbalistic Coaching about and how is it practiced?

The premise of the kabbalistic coaching is that everything that happens to us is for the good and has an explanation that by its comprehension, satisfies the individual. This benefit delivers strength and focus in the decision making process, and provides the motivation and security to transform the desires into decrees.

Using dialog and discussion, are made searches, observations and introspections (in kabbalah: birurim), that lead the individual to identify what works and what does not. The disconnection between our desires (our renewed spiritual part) and the present is identified.

The coaching helps to recognize the difference between the now and our goal, evaluates the position, identifies the impediments and questions the priorities. We align the present activities formulating a route that brings us closer to the goal.

The resolution of our goal is achieved by freeing the present, allowing our aspirations, however complex or distant they may be, to reach an internal balance and stability (in kabbalah: central line).

It generates the taking of forceful actions and necessary commitments that aligned with the objective leads us to formulate and solve the problem in its different aspects and values.

In the kabbalistic coaching, various tools are provided including punctual meditations that help us to unblock, strengthen and clear the present, finding their independence from the past and the future.

Kabbalistic coaching provides tools to clarify, motivate and strengthen the present by finding its independence from the past and the future. The present is independent of emotional tension and spiritual retardation, when it is clear of a past that fills us with memories and experiences, and when it is free of a future with presumed promises and expectations.

Living an independent present increases the possibility of finding intelligence and wisdom (in kabbalah = mochin) coming from the Light or spiritual reality and found in each one of us.

Service of Kabbalistic Coaching and Guidance

The teacher Abraham Aizenman has begun to offer services of Kabbalistic Coaching/Therapy and Guidance directly oriented to the public.

From December 15, 2018 you can get directly from the teacher Abraham, as a spiritual guide, teacher or Kabbalistic “Coach”.

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Release of Spiritual DNA – A Method to Spiritual Enlightenment

August 2, 2018

Release of the Book Spiritual DNA – A Method to Spiritual Enlightenment

The Raanana Municipality is promoting the release of the book Spiritual DNA – A Method to Spiritual Enlightenment.

The date of the release will be on August 13, 2018 at City College, 75 Keren HaYesod St, Ra’anana, Israel. Tickets can be bought here.

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